Meet our Reviewers

The RTG crew knows that having the ability to tailor a review request to a specific reviewer gives an author a distinct advantage, so here’s a heads-up to help you choose, but we strongly recommend reading our guidelines before you submit. Our list of what we’ll read is long, but so is our No List.


Jane Marshall — lifelong reader; librarian and educator; secret poet; loves to discover hidden gems

Read more about Jane’s submission preferences here.


Jeanne G’Fellers — multi-published, award-winning, Sci-Fi author, retired English teacher, lifelong reader who longs to fly dragon-back and travel safely through wormholes to strange, new worlds

Jeanne’s author website

Read more about Jeanne’s submission preferences here.


TC Driver— USMC retired, lifelong reader, she who roots for underdog authors of great stories

Read more about TC’s submission preferences here.