Watchers by S. T. Boston



An interesting concept but one which bogged and eventually died due to poor editing.

TITLE: Watchers

AUTHOR: S.T. Boston


LENGTH: 347 pgs

GENRE: Science Fiction/ YA


COVER EVALUATION: Intriquing use of stock images

AUTHOR BIO: (Taken from Amazon) Writing fiction has been of interest to me for as long as I can remember. One of my favourite things in school was when the teacher gave us free rein to write a fiction story of our choice.

BOOK BLURB: (Taken from Amazon) Three prominent world figureheads disappear following The World Summit in Kuala Lumpur. The following day, US President John Remy is found dead of a heart attack in his hotel room.

Meanwhile, two friends on a road trip across North America come to the aid of a mysterious woman they find washed up and battered on the banks of the Colorado River. Somehow, all the events are linked.

Choosing to help her plunges them into a nightmarish race across the globe, for she holds a secret that defies all we know about human evolution. Pursued by a deadly force intent on stopping them, they must recover a relic so ancient it’s fallen into legend. A relic that will not only save them, but the whole of humanity.

REVIEW: Watchers by S.T. Boston, looked promising when I downloaded the file. The description and cover art caught my attention, but the story itself failed to deliver what it promised, and, eventually, I lost all interest. The novel starts like a thrilling, fast-paced tale should but quickly fell flat, leaving me with no clue as to why things were happening as they were. The characters came with interesting backgrounds, but I was left to wonder how they related to each other and their relevance to the story itself. I made it one-third of the way through the novel and still had no clue as to the title’s meaning. Concepts (like the Gift) were put into place without explanation or any sense of importance, leaving me confused. In short, I was lost, so lost that I put the book down and walked away, something I seldom do. The lack of decent editing made this an even easier decision.

Watchers lacked explanation in places it needed it most, fell victim to inconsistent pacing, and left me with so many unanswered questions that I don’t regret removing it from my reader.

Yes, this is a brief review but considering that I only made it on-third of the distance, it’s appropriate in length.



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